Talk Sober Live: Recovery Through Music, ‘My Imperfection’s My Most Beautiful Part’

In this new All Sober video spotlight, musicians in recovery Benjamin Lerner and Mindy Davey talk, sing and rap about the sickness, the scars and the future

September 13, 2022
Sober musician Mindy Davey in the studio

Just as a successful artist can fall into addiction and despair despite their talents, you can be hopeless with a tune but still thrive on music therapy in recovery. Creative outlets, after all, are a powerful tool for coming to terms with the complicated emotions of early sobriety.

On the Sept. 14 episode of our Talk Sober interview and video series, which airs on Facebook Live, we caught up with two artists who happen to be both musically gifted and thriving in recovery. They may be pros, but Benjamin Lerner and Mindy Davey show what healing through music can look like for anyone: wrestling raw memories and feelings through lyrics, clearing paths toward hope over the course of a song.

Lerner is a classical piano prodigy, rapper and former IV drug user; Davey is a singer-songwriter 10 years sober from opioid addiction. Both let us into their studios for a glimpse of the process that releases trauma and triumph in bars and chords.

In “Scars,” Lerner sings of the reminders of his needle use. “I used to always be obsessed with what to do with my scars / But truth be told, my imperfection’s my most beautiful part / And I’m just proud that there’s a part of me that sets me apart / Reminding me how far I’ve managed to progress from the start.”

Davey, in her new single “Destiny,” reaches a similar place of pride and resolve. “I worked hard every single step of the way / Had the devil on the sideline, calling my name / But I’m never looking back again, moving up from where I’ve been.” Be sure to check out new and upcoming music from both Lerner and Davey, who have inspiring projects out now and on the way. Plus, follow All Sober on Facebook for more exciting live segments!

Sober musician Benjamin Lerner playing piano

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