Sober Holiday Tips: Bring a Sober Friend

Acclaimed bassist Kevin Jenkins has learned a few things in his 36 years of sobriety. Check out his tips to "stay safe and stay sane" during the holiday season!

December 19, 2023
Elves on a shelf

Maybe you’re at a point in your recovery where you look forward to the holidays, maybe you’re feeling apprehensive or maybe it’s a mix of both.

So we’ve asked our sober friends for tips on getting through — or better yet, getting the most out of — the season. They’ve come up with lots of great suggestions: Plan out your days in a sober journal, practice gratitude, go to local recovery group meetings, break the ice about your recovery with your friends and family.

Sometimes, though, it’s the parties, dinners and gatherings of the next few weeks that can really set off a whirlwind of feelings. It’s wonderful to see everyone, but less wonderful to see everyone filling their wine glasses.

What to do, then? We turned to Kevin Jenkins, a professional bassist who’s worked with R&B, pop and blues legends like Roberta Flack, Vicki Sue Robinson, Cyndi Lauper and Shemekia Copeland. He’s 36 years sober, which means 36 holiday seasons of going sober during the festivities. Kevin explains how he gets a little help from his friends, in this sober holiday tip!

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