10 Tips for Navigating Job Interviews After Addiction Recovery

Addressing time off for recovery can be daunting. This guide will help you prepare to answer any challenging questions during the interview process

January 25, 2022
Job interview with woman and man

Here’s great advice from FlexJobs about choosing to share your truth during job interviews after addiction recovery.

With days, months or even years of hard-earned sobriety under your belt, you’ve grown through your addiction recovery and might want to shout your progress from the rooftops. But how do you approach job interviews and the job search process?

Although you once needed to take life minute by minute or day by day after addiction recovery, you’re now forward-focused and ready to launch on a new path toward fulfillment. This could come in the form of a flexible work situation that gives you the freedom to continue prioritizing sobriety while pursuing your next steps.

Disclosure can be a thorny issue, but ultimately you’re in control of what you do or don’t reveal. Reflecting back on your journey doubtless stirs strong emotions, but your decisions about what (if anything) to share, when, and how much should be objective.

Choosing to share your truth during job interviews after addiction recovery could have consequences, both positive and negative. Setting your intention ahead of an interview and sticking to the plan puts you in the driver’s seat.

The article includes 10 things to consider when weighing whether or not to open up during job interviews after addiction recovery. Check it out. > 10 Tips for Navigating Job Interviews After Addiction Recovery | FlexJobs

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